Can I upgrade my graphics card on my HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop?

by on February 15, 2009

Q: Can I upgrade my graphics card on my HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop running Windows Vista? My current graphics card is a mobile Intel 965 express chipset family.

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    Like most laptops the answer here is no. Here is a full answer related to a similar laptop for you to read


    The quick answer to your question is no, you cannot upgrade your laptop’s graphics. Of course, you can contact HP directly to confirm. I’ll answer your question in two parts.

    Part 1: You laptop uses something called “integrated graphics”. This means that your graphics are actually built into (or integrated into) your laptop’s motherboard. Integrated graphics must “steal” RAM from your computer in order to function. In other words, your laptop doesn’t have a graphics card.

    Part 2: In desktops, “dedicated graphics” take the form of removable/replaceable graphics cards. Dedicated graphics do not steal RAM from your computer. In many cases, desktops that came with integrated graphics can be upgraded with a dedicated graphics card. But in 99.9% of laptops with dedicated graphics, the graphics card is soldered onto the motherboard. This makes it impossible to switch one dedicated graphics card for another, and also makes it impossible to upgrade integrated graphics such as those in your laptop.

    Obviously, it’s important to buy a laptop with the best dedicated graphics you can afford — it’s 99.9% impossible to upgrade later.

    PS: I’ve read that Alienware sells some laptops with upgradable graphics. There is also a technology called ATI XGP which may eventually allow users to upgrade the own graphics using an external device. These options should be considered experimental at best.

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