How come my laptop keyboard and mouse pad stop working?

by on February 15, 2009

Q: My laptop keyboard and mouse pad freeze as soon as anything is typed on them. We have attached a USB mouse and it works fine. We’ve run anti-virus software and several spyware programs. Would this be caused by some type of virus or spyware that’s not being picked up by the programs I’ve run? It just started this afternoon.

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    Are you using Windows XP, Windows Vista, or something else. Your answer will help me to better assist you. Thanks!


    I am running Windows XP.



    Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for the additional info!

    Go to the Start Menu, then right-click on My Computer and choose Properties. Go to the Hardware tab and then Device Manager. Look in there for your laptop’s keyboard and mouse; press the + signs to expand each category. Categories where your laptop’s keyboard and mouse might be include Human Interface Devices, Mice and other pointing devices, and Keyboard. A device with a yellow ! means that device is improperly installed.

    While your laptop is connected to the internet, uninstall all devices with yellow ! as well as all keyboards and mice. Your computer may seem to freeze after you do this, because you’ve also uninstalled your USB mouse. Simply unplug your USB mouse, plug it back in, then restart your computer.

    Once you’re in Windows once again, confirm that you’re connected to the internet and then follow the instructions that Windows gives as it re-installs your devices. If asked, allow your computer to search online for drivers. Restart again once all devices have been re-installed.

    If the info above fails to help, try this procedure (requires broadband internet connection):

    1. It is possible that your security programs missed a virus/malware on your computer. So use a computer that you know is uninfected to download a copy of Avast’s free Antivirus software from

    2. Install Avast on your laptop and change all the scanning options in Avast to maximum sensitivity. Temporarily turn off all other antivirus/anti-malware/anti-spyware software, and use Avast to scan your laptop.

    3. If an infection is detected, write down the name of the infection and then use Avast to remove the infection from your computer.

    4.. If an infection was detected, contact me and provide the name of the virus. I will then offer further instructions. Otherwise, delete Avast from your computer and proceed to the next step.

    5. Install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP onto your laptop. You can access that update through the Windows Update icon in Start Menu => All Programs. Alternatively, you can manually download the Service Pack 3 installer from:

    6. Restart your computer after installing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. Install additional updates, including optional hardware drivers, using Windows Update (restart as needed).

    7. Install and run CCleaner (including the Registry tool):

    8. Install and run Defraggler:

    Please contact me with the results of the above ideas. Thanks!