What is the best wireless webcam that supports pan, tilt, and zoom?

by on February 16, 2009

Q: The equipment I currently have is:
– Blackberry Storm Phone/PDA with internet access.
– 12v LCD HDTV installed down inside the cabin of my sailboat

-  Webcam or? – I am currently trying to search for the right outdoor Pan/Tilt/Zoom webcam for what I want to be able to do.  I don know the following about the camera:
– The webcam needs to be a wireless Pan/Tilt/Zoom remote control camera (remote controlled via hand held remote and via internet) because it will be installed 20′ up the mast of my boat
– 12v power will be available to the webcam but nothing else.
– The camera must also have night vision or very low light vision.
– I will need to connect to the camera via my blackberry storm internet connection

What I want to be able to do has two separate situations:
Situation 1. I am out to sea on the boat.  In this case I want to be able to:
a.  Have the wireless streaming video transmitted by the webcam go to my HDTV screen wirelessly (think I can have a wireless video receiver that plugs into the TV cause I have seen some cameras that have this)
b. without a pc onboard the boat and without the blackberry storm I need to be able to adjust the PTZ of the camera (hand held remote control for this)

Situation 2:  (this is the tough part).  I am back in port with my boat in the slip and power still available to the webcam.  I am at home and home is not where the boat is.
a.  I want to be able to connect to the webcam over my Blackberry storm internet connection and view the webcam streaming video AND to be able to control the PTZ on the camera to see different PTZ views using my blackberry storm internet connection to it.  It would also be nice to be able tether the blackberry storm to my PC when I am at home and view the streaming video on my PC screen.

Now for the questions:
1. What kind of webcam do I need to buy i.e. what capabilities does it need to have to do what I want to do?

I am very confused looking at the webcams available. Some say they have an IP server built in and I don’t need a PC.  Others advertise the ability to connect over a mobile pda etc.
2. How do I have to set this up in terms of an internet network connection to my blackberry storm?
3.  To connect to the webcam using my blackberry storm do I need to have an internet connection at the boat for the webcam to go to first and then to my blackberry or can the webcam with its IP address go directly to the mobile phone network and then to by blackberry?  Very confusing as I am not a tech geek, just a person who wants certain capabilities.  Can you guys figure this out and tell me exactly what I need to buy for a camera and how to set it all up?  I am lost here in a sea of available cameras and technology but don’t know what I really need and how to do what I want to do with the least cost.

Thanks for your valuable time in just reading this.  I thought if anyone could figure this out you guys could.  I cannot seem to with my limited IT knowledge.

IP Internet Security Infrared Night Vision Ethernet Camera w/Pan & Tilt Control

The Sentinel Professional, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera


Grandtec Wireless IP WiFi Webcam Pan/ Tilt Camera PTZ

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    I’d suggest taking a close look at modern Marine CCTV systems. They’re designed exactly for what you want to do. Granted they’re a bit more expensive , but you’re getting gear designed for marine abuse.

    A few companies to check out to get you started:


    Additionally I’d suggest talking to your local marina or yacht club for suggestions on local companies to help set things up for you.

    Let me know if this helps you out.


    Thanks for the response but I cannot afford to have some hi end CCTV system. I really want to do it myself and understand what the options are. Surely there is some wireless ptz camera out there with a receiver such that I can view it on my tv on the boat when out to sea but that I can connect to via the internet and view it when I am in port. I asked the question here because I thought someone on this site may be able to tell me what camera and what transmit/receive techologies to use.