How can I figure out what graphics card my system has in it?

by on February 23, 2009

Q: I am turning 2 (old) computers into one computer to save space and I don’t know which graphics card to use. I know one has a gforce4 or something and the other is a card built onto the motherboard. How can I figure out which is better, or is there a way to use both?

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    Graphics cards (dedicated) are almost always better than graphics that are built into the motherboard (integrated). Visit for more information. If you still wish to discover more about your computers’ hardware…

    In Windows XP, right-click on a empty part of your desktop screen => Properties => Settings tab => Advanced. If that fails, you may be able to find valuable information by going Start Menu => right-click on My Computer => Properties => Hardware tab => Device Manager => single left-click on the plus sign by Display adapters. Similar techniques can be used in Windows 98, Windows Vista, etc.

    If either of these computers came from a major computer manufacturer (Dell, HP, etc.), you can go to the manufacturer’s website and enter information about your computer (service tag, model number, etc.). This could lead you to documentation that contains detailed information about your computers’ hardware.

    Another option is to download a free program to find information about each computer. I haven’t tried such programs in a long time, but you should be able to find some good ones from which to choose at a software search engine such as:

    PS: Unless you have a retail copy of Microsoft Windows, you may not be able to get your Windows operating system to install the computer that you are building. If all other options fail, consider replacing Windows with a free operating system called Ubuntu Linux:

    Does this help?