How come I cannot open coupons that are sent to my email?

by on February 23, 2009

Q: When I try to open coupons sent to my email address they are sent to Microsoft Word and if I select the download option and then open them they are all encrypted and I can’t read them.

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    I need more details before I can help you. Do you access your emails from an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) or using email software (e.g. Outlook Express)?

    Also, do you trust the source that is sending the coupons? Most companies send coupons as PDFs, not as Microsoft Word Documents.

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      I access my emails from internet explorer and i totally trust the sender in fact even tried adding them to my safe senders list


    Hi dddarling,

    Start by looking in the settings in your email service for an option such as “prevent attachments that might harm my computer”. If you find such an option, turn it off.

    Never “open” an attachment directly from your email. Instead, “save” the attachment to your computer or USB flash drive. Then, after the attachment has finished downloading, open Microsoft Word and go File => Open to open your coupons.

    Most of the following requires a broadband (cable internet, DSL) internet connection:

    Continue by installing all updates to your Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. The easiest way to do this is to subscribe to a free service called Microsoft Update, which you should be able to do in Windows Vista through a link Control Panel => Check for updates or in Windows XP by Start => All Programs => Windows Update => Microsoft Update tab. NOTE, to keep your system safe, you should always install the latest updates from Microsoft.

    Note, there is also an update called Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. It should be visible in Windows XP’s Windows Update or Microsoft Update. If not, download using “save” and install from:

    There is a similar update to Windows Vista, called Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista. If you do not see it in Windows Update or Microsoft Update, use the same procedure as the XP service pack, but download from:

    Once you’ve installed all the updates, IF you have a version of Microsoft Office OLDER than Office 2007, install an optional update from: (requires broadband internet connection). Office 2007 already has this update built-in.

    If these ideas don’t help, I recommend contacting the sender of the coupons for assistance. Again, it is very unusual for a reputable company to send coupons as Microsoft Word documents.

    Does this help?


    No but thank you for your patience. The only other thing is that I said it was sent encrypted when I looked again it said it was encoded. Also the file says it is a pdf file if that means anything. Sorry I am VERY computor ignorant. but again thanks for any help

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    Hi dddarling,

    You need a free program called Adobe Reader to open PDF files. You can download that program from (broadband internet highly recommended). Once Adobe Reader is installed on your computer, restart your computer and then try again to access the coupon.

    PS: As stated in my previous post, it is CRITICAL that you ALWAYS have the latest updates and service packs from Microsoft installed on your computer. You also need to use the update tools that exist in many of your other programs. Without doing all of these updates, hackers and other criminals can take control of your computer. I understand that this is inconvenient, but it takes effort to keep Windows computers safe from attack.

    Good Luck! 😉


    Thank you very very much once I downloaded the adobe reader the file was able to be read and I am now able to print the coupons. Again thank you so much.