What setup is required for a laptop?

by on February 28, 2009

Q: What does “setup the laptop” mean when I am buying a brand new computer? Aren’t laptops user ready when purchased?

One Response to “What setup is required for a laptop?”

    There is some setup required on a new laptop. You must remove packaging, protective stickers, etc. On most laptops, you must also insert a battery and run a setup wizard (software from the computer’s manufacturer that runs the first time you use your computer). Of course, you may also need to install additional software (e.g. iTunes) setup accessories (e.g. iPod), and choose custom settings (e.g. screensaver).

    If you are “paranoid” like me, you may wish to reinstall the operating system when your new laptop arrives. With the correct kind of installation disc, this will remove all of the junk that came pre-installed on your new computer. Although rare, some computers have even been known to come from the manufacturer with viruses installed — the computers at the factory get a virus and then transfer that virus to your new computer. It is definitely worth getting either an installation disc or system recovery disc from your new computer’s manufacturer at time of purchase. DO NOT let the manufacturer convince you that a built-in system recovery or make-it-yourself system recovery is satisfactory!

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