How come my laptop screen stays black after I close it and open it?

by on March 1, 2009

Q: I have a DELL Inspiron E1505 laptop. Sometimes after I close the lid and open it back after a while, I see a black screen. The laptop is running, but the screen is black. I do crtl+alt+dlt, but nothnig happens. I close the lid again and wait a few seconds, but nothing happens. What should I do to fix the laptop screen going black after I close the lid and open the lid after a while?

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    I recommend that you go to and obtain all updates for your computer — especially BIOS updates.

    You may also wish to obtain and (both free) to run maintenance on your computer.

    Does this help?


    There is a problem in Vista with ACPI Lid driver, there is a workaround…
    Click the start menu, then right click ‘computer’ and click properties.
    Click the Device Manager option on the left.
    Under ‘System Devices’, one of the first items should be the ACPI Llid close device. Right-click it and click ‘Update Driver Software’.
    Click ‘Browse my computer…’, then ‘Let me pick from a list…’
    Uncheck the ‘Show compatible Hardware’
    In the right list, scroll to the bottom, and select Volume Manager, and click next.

    Disadvantage is that the power option for the screen is no longer available, but that is for most not a problem.


    You can also try to do something with the power options in Vista . With right mouseclick in desktop, check personalize, select screensaver, select change power settings, select on the leftside : choose what closing the lid does, select when i close the lid and choose “do nothing”, now when you close the lid the screen stays on. On power that is not a problem , but if you are on batteries , well you might not want to change it. If you then get a black screen, you use +L to lock the PC and in the dark you retype your password en voila your screen is back.