How come SpyBot S&D will not destory items it finds for me?

by on March 3, 2009

Q: I have a computer with Windows Vista and I have downloaded SpyBot S&D. I am the administrator on our home computer and after running SpyBot S&D it says it wont destroy because I am not the admin. What can I do now?

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    You need to right click on the spybot program.. and go to “Run as administrator”. If you want to run it as that from now on.. goto the program and right click on it and go to properties.. go to compatibility.. and then select the check box that says “Run as administrator” then hit okay and your done.


    Mark offers good advice. I would like to add some important information.

    Security programs are often able to remove infections, but sometimes they cannot remove the damage which those infections have caused. It’s like you catching someone painting graffiti on your house. Even if you chase the criminal (infection) away, the graffiti (harmful side effects of the infection) will remain. This is a secret that the security software companies don’t want you to know!

    It may seem paranoid, but I advise you to backup your important files then reinstall Microsoft Windows and all of your programs. I can provide detailed instructions if you wish.

    Mark and I look forward to hearing from you.