How come the music in my PowerPoint presentation wont play on other computers?

by on March 3, 2009

Q: I prepared a PowerPoint presentation that had a sound file in it (the presentation was prepared using Microsoft 2003 PowerPoint and the sound file was a song from a CD copied to Windows Media Player). The PP ran fine on my computer and played the song. When I ran the PP on another laptop (that had Windows Media Player and PowerPoint installed ) the PP ran, but not the song – I tried it using both a CD rom and a data stick. I know it played on my computer because that is where the original sound file is. How do I get a PP with a sound file to play on a computer that doesn’t have the original file on it?

One Response to “How come the music in my PowerPoint presentation wont play on other computers?”

    Make a folder for your PowerPoint presentation. Put your presentation in that folder, then copy all multimedia files that you will be using in your presentation (such as your sound file) into the folder as well. Next, open your presentation in the PowerPoint program and import all multimedia files from the presentation folder to your presentation. DO NOT use methods such as copy & paste.

    Lastly, copy the entire presentation folder to CD, USB flash drive, etc. Your presentation should now function correctly on other computers.

    Does this help?