How do I open a DAT file with Java?

by on March 19, 2009

Q: How do I open a DAT file with Java?

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    What is the background here? Do you have a DAT file that was made with a Java program and not have the Java program anymore?


    no I was told on a tutorial that the file would be openable by java and when I try to “open whith” java it doesn’t work.


    Can you post the URL to the tutorial?


    I’m a bit of a cp nub if you will, but is this the “url”?C:\WINDOWS\.jagex_cache_32\runescape


    Okay, what is the source of this dat file? Is it part of the game Runescape? What exactly is your goal/purpose for opening this file?


    I really have no idea, It was a hidden file on my cp I thought it was a little weird that I had this file on my cp when I didn’t put it there, do you agree?. That’s why I wanted to open it to see what it was. I found the name of the file online and it said it was accessible by java. I never wrote down the name of the site unfortunately. I guess my purpose is experimental. Sorry if it feals like a waste of your time.


    I wouldn’t worry about it then, even if you do open it up it’s going to be binary data that you won’t be able to make sense of anyway. If you’re concerned about files on your PC I’d suggest running an anti-virus scan and a malware/spyware scan.


    Can’t you convert binary to sensible wordage?


    omg do you think if I altered it, it would change the game?


    now I’m really curious, have to tell jagex about it