How come I cannot find my files since my computer last locked up?

by on March 22, 2009

Q: Last night my laptop locked up on me and I shut it off. This morning I brought the computer back up and Windows works and I am able to get on the Internet. My only problem is my pictures, videos, music, and documents are not there. Just wondering if there is anything I can do before taking it to a shop to be worked on.

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    You might want to try a search of the whole drive for some of your files. Also take a look in C:\Documents and Settings (if you’re on windows xp) to make sure all your files aren’t under another user account. If all your stuff was kept under ‘My Documents’ and you logged in under a different user name then you’d be seeing the ‘My Documents’ of the other username.

    However if you suspect that these files were deleted, and you have no backups, shut the machine down and take it to a professional.


    Thanks for the advice. I found my files on the C: Drive. I then did a scan on the computer and deleted the bad files. I then restarted my computer and when it came back up all my files were gone again. They are still on my C: Drive but trying to figure out why the disappear from the My Documents every time I turn my computer off.