Invest in the Forex marketing with full transparency

by on March 24, 2009

Q: Is there a way that I can invest in the forex market by having someone else trade my account but still maintain full access to my money? With the whole Bernie Madoff thing and other situations that have happened in the past I really want to ensure that I am not being lied to about the performance of my account and would like to be able to see all the trades that are being placed and their results in real-time.

A: You will want to look for what is called a managed account traded via LPOA (Limited power of attorney). This configuration is where you setup an account with a third party broker. Once you setup and fund your account you then grant the LPOA to the trader or trading firm you want to trade your account. The good part here is the account ownership is in your name and you control the flow of deposits and withdrawals. All the trader does is trade the account.

There seem to be a few firms that offer this kind of service. The only firm I have ever dealt with that does Forex trading such as this is Forex Signals Plus. They display the level of transparency that it seems you are in search of.

They are actually, at their core, a signal service but you can easily integrate their service into your account to do auto trading.