Can I use my HP DeskJet 825 with Windows Vista?

by on March 26, 2009

Q: I have a new laptop and want to use my current printer. The printer software was for Windows XP but the new laptop is Vista. Can I get the printer software be loaded on the new laptop? The printer is an HP deskjet 825 series.

One Response to “Can I use my HP DeskJet 825 with Windows Vista?”

    I find it hard to believe myself, but HP isn’t bothering to make a vista driver for this printer.

    More information here:

    Normally, when you need new drivers for hardware components you can try the manufacturer’s website, they’ll usually have updates available. In this case it looks like that since this is a discontinued printer, they’d rather make you go buy a new printer than pay someone to write a new driver. Boooo on HP.