How come my computer wont get an IP address from my Linksys router?

by on March 26, 2009

Q: I am running Windows XP and am trying to connect wirelessly to my Linksys router. I cannot get it to get and IP address automatically. It just keeps searching for IP. I have tried 3 deferent wireless devices. It also does the same thing on the ethernet card.

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    Unfortunately there is a laundry list of things that could be wrong. The best way to work through these kinds of problems is with the process of elimination, so we can figure out if the program is the computer, the router or the Ethernet cable.

    First off, try shutting down your pc, and unplugging your linksys router. Then plug the router back in and then boot up your PC.

    If you’re still having trouble, let me know what model of Linksys router you’re using, and what model pc you’re trying to use as well.

    What do you mean that you tried 3 different wireless devices?


    I spent hours on the phone with senior tech at road runner and no fix or advice. We did everything in the book and more. I have tried generic, linksys & bekins wireless adapters on this desktop, Dell Demension 4700. The router is WRT54G and is connected to roadrunner modem. Two laptops connect just fine wireless and I am trying to make the desktop wireless. The tech tried to get the desktop connected ethernet and same problem. When I got this computer about 4 years ago it was connected to Verizon DSL and thinking more about it I wonder if that is the source of the problem (something that the Verizon set up left behind). Jim


    Okay, if you have another Ethernet cable handy you can try that.

    Beyond that we can isolate the problem some more and see if it’s a hardware issue or a software problem.

    Try downloading, burning and booting knoppix:
    It’s a version of Linux that is bootable right from the CD/DVD and won’t touch your existing Windows installation. If that works, then the problem is with your Windows setup, if it still doesn’t work you have a hardware problem.

    Let me know how that goes.


    Will do