Can I use PC3200 RAM in a system using PC2700?

by on May 28, 2009

Q: I have a SR1410NX Compaq Presario and a SR1050NX Compaq Presario.

1.) Both systems run PC2700 ram. Can I run PC3200 in either of them?

2.) I know they are both old, but which do you think would be better to add a couple minor upgrades to?

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    PC3200 RAM will work, however RAM always runs at the speed of the slowest stick. So if you mix together PC2700 and PC3200 RAM, it will at run at PC2700 speeds.

    So if you can get PC2700 cheaper, just get that. Otherwise just getting your RAM up to 1GB on the newer Compaq will give you a nice performance boost.