How come my BIOS does not accept my keyboard inputs?

by on June 5, 2009

Q: Recently I have built my own computer. I’m currently up to installing an operating system. I have windows vista on hand but am having trouble.

When I first turn on my computer the motherboard screen comes up with hotkey options. I understand firstly I need to go to BIOS however I cannot hit the hotkey <del> as my keyboard seems not to respond. The keyboard I am using is not a USB one. Any ideas on what is wrong?

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    First off, try the keyboard on another system and make sure it works. Second, make sure you’ve plugged the keyboard into the right spot on the back of the computer and that it is both firmly plugged in and none of the pins inside the plug are bent.

    If you don’t have another pc to plug the keyboard into, try another keyboard and see if that does the trick.


    Ive done everything uve suggested and thats why ive come to this site im looking for a technical solution not some common sense. this is ask a geek not ask a dope.


    The question area says “give as much information as possible”, which includes giving us details such as what you have already tried. Next time you submit a question you should include what you have tried already.

    We have all types of people asking questions here and we have to assume you have not tried anything if you do not tell us what you have tried.


    alright well ive tried 3 different working keyboards to no avail and i have tried removing the BIOS battery in order to reset it which didnt work either and i have removed each part individually and booted up the computer in order to check everything is connected properly and not faulty…. yet still i cannot choose the hotkey for bios nether lone any hotkey with any keyboard. The system just beeps with every button i hit on the keyboard.


    What is the model number of the motherboard, and were all of these keyboards PS/2 input or did you try a USB keyboard as well?