The length of your phone cord does not matter that much

by on June 7, 2009

Q: I currently have a dial-up internet connection and a Compaq Presario 2200 laptop computer.

When I setup my computer and internet, the instructions said that the phone line should not be longer than six feet for the best internet service. This was also the instruction for high speed when I had that service.

I want to move my computer to a location in my home that would require a phone line longer than six feet. Before I move it I wanted to know if moving it with a longer phone line will effect the quality of the internet connection and if it does is there something that can be done to mitigate this.

A: There is some logic to limiting the length of your phone cable between your outlet and your modem. It is not something you should really stress over though because there is a lot of phone cord beyond the wall jack. Remember the phone cord, beyond the wall jack, runs through the house and out to the pole.

You should get the phone cable length you will need to put your computer in the spot you want. You should dial into your ISP from your old spot and check the bit rate that you connect at and record that number.

Next, plug the longer phone cable into the outlet and your modem and dial in. You will want to record your bit rate that you connect at here too. You should notice they are the same. It is probably a good idea to test each wire 3 times and take an average. You should notice no difference.

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