How come Windows tells me D:\ is not a valid application when I try to run Adobe PhotoDeluxe

by on June 13, 2009

Q: I am using Adobe PhotoDeluxe home edition 4.0. I used to be able to use it fine but now I am getting an error message saying D:\ is not a valid Win 32 application. I tried uninstalling it and I still get this when I click on it in my computer. I also have the 3.0 series. I tried putting that one in and it will come up to install but when I click on install nothing happens. I went through your Q&A on your site about it. One said to go to properties and click compatible for 2000 but I do not see that available to click on. I am working on Windows XP.

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    As documented in several articles here at Ask a Geek, PhotoDeluxe is known to be incompatible with Windows XP. I recommend that you switch to a more modern free photo program such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, which you can download from the webpage.

    Does this help?


    I have been using it on XP for the the last 3 years. It is now just giving me this error. I have all my photos as well as other projects I have worked on under this program so it is not opening without that file. I do not use it for a photo gallery but more for the other features in photo deluxe. For instance swithching figures in a photo, etc. Is there a patch or driver I can download? Why would it work before and not now. I have not downloaded anything new on my computer. My neighbor has the same program and it is still working on hers fine. Any suggestions? I have several other photo shop programs but none has these features as well as will not open what I have already on my computer using Adobe photo deluxe. What about what someone else had posted about going to My Computer, properties and then clicking on 2000 compatable. I do not see where it has anywhere to check to make it compatable. Are they talking about XP still?



    I have never used PhotoDeluxe, but users on the internet have been reporting incompatibility between PhotoDeluxe and Windows XP since the original release of Windows XP in 2001. Such reports of incompatibility continue to this day, because Adobe never issued a patch to fix the incompatibility problem.

    To access Compatibility Mode… Go to the icon that you use to launch PhotoDeluxe. Right-Click on that icon, and choose Properties. You should see a tab called Compatibility. Go in there, and experiment with the different options until you find the correct combination.

    I remain convinced that the best action you can take is to switch to a newer program. I’m not sure what you mean by “switching figures in a photo”. If you’ll describe that in more detail, I can help you to find the best replacement program for your needs.



    Thank you so much for addressing each part of my question. It just seems odd that it worked for so long and my neighbors is still working.

    I was encouraged when I saw that part about the tab for the correct compatability but when I go to properties on photo deluxe the only tabs I have going across the top are: General, Autoplay, Hardware, Sharing. Do I have my settings set different some how that I am not receiving that tab? That just seems odd. Clicking on every tab– I do not see compatability at all.

    It was easy to us. I have other photo shop programs that changes the picture as a whole (sepia, ripples etc.) but this one you could take the head of one body and switch to another, change backgrounds on a photo, a lot of fun different tools.



    It is possible that an update from Microsoft for Windows XP, installing/updating other programs on your computer, etc. might have accidentally broken whatever it was that was allowing PhotoDeluxe to function on your computer. Incompatible software is very fragile, and thus extremely easy to break.

    On the other hand, it is possible that your neighbor has installed an update which has allowed his/her PhotoDeluxe to continue functioning. You may wish to try installing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, and all other updates (except Desktop Search 4.0). If you cannot install Service Pack 3 via Windows Update, you may manually download its installer from the webpage (requires broadband internet connection).

    While the lack of a Compatibility tab lends further evidence that PhotoDeluxe is incompatible with Windows XP, you may wish to try again to modify compatibility settings using the following method: Start Menu => My Computer => your main hard drive (probably C) => Program Files => the folder for your PhotoDeluxe program => right-click on the main executable => Properties => Compatibility tab => Apply => OK => double left-click on the same executable (not on Start Menu item or desktop shortcut). If you cannot distinguish which file is the main PhotoDeluxe executable, you may need to activate the viewing of file extensions on your computer by going Start Menu => My Computer => Tools => Folder Options => View tab => uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” => Apply => OK. Executable files for Windows are in the .exe format.

    While you try the ideas listed above, I’ll investigate alternative programs for you.