Is it possible to read a text file on an Xbox 360?

by on June 19, 2009

Q: Is it possible, on the xbox 360, to read a text document from a 512MB memory stick while in a game?

I was wondering because there are some games where I need a guide and my computer is in the other room. It’s just such a hassle to run back and fourth to read them.

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    Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. The Xbox 360 is a closed system. Microsoft doesn’t allow a single drop of data, text or otherwise on in their system without their blessing.


    yeah, there is no way to do anything like that and i dont see it being a feature soon. i think it would be alot easier to just print the text file guide – if its too big then put it on a floppy or disc and go to your local library and they will either do it for free or charge you very little to print pages. my third option which i would do is just to go to the store and buy a official copy of the guide for around $10 (well in NY thats how much the guides are heh)