Boot into safe mode and restore from a restore point

by on June 20, 2009

Q: When I turn my computer on I get an error that says “COM plus wizard”. I think it has picked up a virus as the only menu I can access is the ctr, alt, delete menu. How can I restore factory settings and delete all the other stuff that may have caused a problems? I can easily reinstall office and anti virus although a lot of use that has been!

A: The error is probably being caused a program you’ve recently installed.

You can try getting in through safe mode and see if you can do some troubleshooting from there. You can then try to restore from a previous restore point and see if that fixes it. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these steps I would suggest contacting tech support for the computer or if you don’t have any kind of warranty/support to take it to a professional.

If you computer didn’t come with a Windows install disk or set of restore disks, you’ll want to check with the computer manufacturer about what you need to do to get them.

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