Remove old versions of Java/J2SE

by on June 24, 2009

Q: I have both J2SE runtime environ 5.0 6 and 5.0 11 and I am wondering if I can eliminate 5.0 6? It’s taking up disk space that I’m running out of.

A: Most Java programs do not require a specific version of Java so you should be able to remove the old version without a problem.  Some programs that use Java will actually let you select which version of Java you want them to use when running. You should take a minute to see if the program(s) you are using allow that. This will let you test your program with the newer version to make sure there are no issues before you uninstall.

If you do not have specific programs that use Java to run, e.g. you just have Java installed for web based applications or because it came installed, then you are safe to just remove the older versions.

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