How can I burn speeches in MP3 format onto a CD?

by on July 1, 2009

Q: I have a Dell PC with a single CD ROM with Adobe Media Player. I have found a site with speeches in MP3 format. Can I burn this onto a CD-R? How do I do it?

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    If your Cd drive supports the ability to burn CDs, you’ll need to use a cd burning program. This type of CD would be made as an ‘Audio CD’. Normally for most burning programs you be able to select ‘Audio CD’ as the type of disk you want to create then just select the mp3s you want to burn, and follow the on screen prompts. The program will take care of converting the mp3 files to the correct format and burning them to the CD.

    If your computer doesn’t have software to burn CDs, you can try out which is free and quite easy to use.