How do I get rid of my WiFi network and move to a wired network?

by on July 1, 2009

Q: My wifi network stinks. I want to hard wire the two machines instead. They are 60 feet apart. Can I do it w/cards and cat5 wire? Do I need a cable modem for each machine? What software?

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    What do you have right now for your networking gear?

    Are you using wireless access directly from your cable modem?


    a wifi hub…


    Okay, can you provide a model number for the cable modem, and the name of your ISP if possible. This way I can make sure I suggest the right stuff for you.


      hi Mark

      all standard COX cable stuff


    Cox uses lots of models and lots of brands of cable modems around the country. The important questions are:

    1) In addition to the monthly cost of your internet access, are you paying a monthly fee to use this cable modem?
    2) How many Ethernet ports are there on the back of the cable modem?


    1…….. no
    1……… 1


    Hi Mark: I think I see where your going….. could I use a 2
    to 1 adapter on the modem and just run a cat5 to the 2nd machine? Would that work to get me on-line? Could I access all hard drives from both machines?

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    You can’t really do a ‘2 for 1 adapter’ for Ethernet like you can with a telephone line.

    Since there is just one port on the cable modem (which is normal), what you’ll need to do is buy a router, like one of these guys:

    You’ll plug the router into your cable modem, and then plug all your computers into the router.

    If you’d like to read more about the topic you can check out this article on wikipedia:

    Or some of these videos over at Linksys:

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!


    Thank you so much. I just remembered that the wifi router has 4 CAT5 ports so I can plug my #2 puter into that. Thanks again for your help…

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