Using your HP C4380 on a secure wireless network

by on July 7, 2009

Q: We have had a wireless router for awhile and we just decided to make the wireless network secure. Once we made the wireless network secure our wireless printer cannot be found anymore unless we plug the computer into it with the USB.

What do we have to do for the wireless printer to be recognized again? I am sure we made this happen after we secured the wireless. I printed out the HP Network Configuration page it says that the printer is offline and the status is disconnected. I have a laptop with Vista, HP C4380 wireless all in one printer, and a Linksys wireless router.

A: You need to setup the wireless network on your printer again and give it the password for your network. Since these steps are different for every printer we suggest you read the user manual for your HP C4380 printer.

Keep in mind that your printer only supports WEP and WPA wireless encryption. If you’ve setup the network for WPA2 then you will need to change it to WEP or WPA for the printer to connect to the wireless network.

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