Is there a way to update my drivers for free?

by on July 12, 2009

Q: Windows prompts me to update my drivers. I installed my Dell driver reset tool and still have had an issue from time to time. I go online and no matter which free driver or driver update site I click on I end up to be Driver Detective which, tells me that I have over 29 outdated or missing drivers.

Can I get the drivers that I supposedly need for free from another source or plunk down $30.00 to this service to do them for me? It’s not the money that bugs me as much how this service goes about getting you on the site. Any feedback would be welcomed.

One Response to “Is there a way to update my drivers for free?”

    All manufacturers of computers and computer components make their latest drivers for the hardware that they sell available on their websites for free. When you download drivers from a 3rd party you have no idea how old the drivers really are or even if they’re legit.

    Since you have a Dell Computer, you can just go right to the drivers are on Dell’s website and follow their directions to update your drivers: