How do I get Dell Support service to stop crashing IE?

by on July 14, 2009

Q: I just bought a Dell Studio Slim Desktop. I set up my DSL using MSN Browser, but an Internet Explorer Script Error keeps popping up and showing a “dell support” website in the error message. I’ve gone through the steps to make the error message not appear but it does not work. There is a Dell Support Icon running in the background, I believe that is what’s causing it. However, even though I’m under 3 yr warranty, Dell On Call wanted to charge me over $100 bucks to fix it! Can someone tell me if I can disable my “Dell Support” on Vista safely or if I can take away Internet Explorer? I do not want to mess up a new computer!

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    You can disable Dell support service from starting up by going into msconfig and unchecking it (and any of the other Dell crap you don’t need) in the startup section.

    Here are some directions on how to get into msconfig:

    Before you go on a startup disabling spree in there do a google search of any of the programs you want to keep from starting up.

    You can also go into Add/Remove Programs and uninstall any of the other garbage software and demos Dell ships on their new PCs.

    While your at it go ahead a grab the latest version of Firefox for a smoother browsing experience: