How do I get IE out of full screen mode?

by on July 16, 2009

Q: I hit a button on my keyboard and now my taskbar to Internet Explorer only shows when I move my cursor over it. It’s like I’m stuck in full-screen mode, because the bottom bar is also gone, although it doesn’t show when I move the cursor to the bottom of the page. I know this must just be a setting but I have no idea how to fix it. Also, the taskbar that shows up when I move the cursor to the top of the page is only from the Back and Forward arrows down (i.e. I don’t have the bar saying what program I’m using or File, Edit, Tools, etc. either). Help please (I have an HP a1220n, if that helps to know what keyboard comes with it)!

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    Press f11 to exit full screen mode.


    Okay, so I totally got it last night and am just so computer-illiterate that I couldn’t figure out how to reply to my own response so I wouldn’t waste someone else’s time. I was stuck in compatability mode apparently, and there’s a little icon up next to the Refresh and Stop buttons that looks like a page broken in half. Thank goodness for those annoying little messages that randomly pop up in yellow boxes that tell you that stuff! Thanks though!!