Will the following computer components all fit in my Antec Three Hundred case?

by on July 16, 2009

Q: I am buying the following components and I am wondering if everything is going to fit and work on my new computer. I am also wondering if the corsair 650W power supply enough?

Antec Three Hundred case

ASUS P5QL PRO, P43, Socket-755

Corsair powersupply 650W black ATX/EPS

Corsair Dominator TWIN2X PC8500 4 GB DDR2 with Fan (Is fan needed)-the one without is cheaper.

Samsung Spinpoint T166 250GB SATA2

HIS Radeon HD 4890 1 GB GDDR5

Intel Core 2 Quad 8400 2,66ghz.

Did i forget anything?

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    Apparently there are some issues with certain RAM not running at 1066mHz with this board. The qualified Vendors List (QVL) for the motherboard is here: http://www.asus.com/999/download/products/2307/2307_10.pdf

    I don’t see the RAM you mentioned on the list, so I’d suggest to purchase one of the 1066mhz sets listed there.

    Don’t bother with a fan on the RAM that you buy.

    If this is a new build from scratch you’ll want to pick up a DVD drive too.

    If you don’t already own that Samsung drive, I’d suggest going for some more space. 1TB hard drives are around $80.


    That PSU should be plenty. Here is a great PSU calculator so you can estimate your needs in the future: http://extreme.outervision.com/index.jsp


    The Harddrive space is enough for me i have many 160GB harddrive’s home that i can insert and i’ve found this one Sony NEC Optiarc DVD±RW burner AD-5200A , And i think the Corsair RAM will run with the motherboard. If u dont think it then try it out and tell me . thx.

    + Is the PSU giving enough power ?


    Not sure if you got e-mail notice, but my PSU comments have been posted.


    sry i didnt see but i looked it up and ya..

    Complicated shit.