Disk space usage for program updates

by on July 18, 2009

Q: When installing program updates for programs like iTunes, does the size of the updates build on top of the disk space already used by the program or does it reuse the disk space already in use?

A: Every program update works different. iTunes, for example, has you download a new iTunes and it actually replaces the old version so you don’t need to do any deleting yourself. Some program similar to this will actually uninstall the previous version during the install process.

Some programs will install the new version in a new directory leaving the old version untouched. This forces the user to have to uninstall the old version once they have confirmed the new version is working. The upside to this method is that if the new version does not work you can easily switch to the previous version.

Some other programs, these are the ones most people like, just have you download small updates that only include the files that have changed from the version you have to the new version. The update then just updates those files and it is nice because you have a small download and the update goes quickly.

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