Does a users MySpace id have anything to do with where they live?

by on July 18, 2009

Q: I’ve been receiving a lot of myspace friend requests from pages that do not have pics/details. I was declining them but decided to start logging the friend ids to determine if they were the same pages re-requesting me or newly created ones. Turns out they were the same ones but I noticed that the friend ids had similar numbers in them. I would like to know if the friend ids issued to profiles represent anything (i.e. location, state, ip address, etc.) I have an idea of who it is and there are familiarities with the person’s real user id and two of the ones I received. If I can better understand the basis of the friend id, I might be able to conclude if it is the same user. Any thoughts??

One Response to “Does a users MySpace id have anything to do with where they live?”

    Usually when it comes to programs like this ids are generated in sequence as users create the accounts. So if I create the first account then I would be user id #1 and if you create the next account then you would be user id #2.

    There is no way to really be certain that this is the way that myspace does it but in general that is how most web applications work.