How come I keep getting blue screen errors on my computer?

by on July 18, 2009

Q: I built this computer about a year ago and I’ve seen the same blue screen error message for the passed year. I’ve done everything I could to my knowledge so now I am turning to a forum. My blue screens error messages include Bad_Pool_Header, IRQL_Less_or_Not Equal (or something), MEMORY_MANAGMENT, PAGEFAULT IN NON FAULT AREA (or something)

Nivida 780i Sl mobo
Nividia 9800 GTX SSC Edition
4GB G Skills Ram
e8500 wolfdale 3.16ghz cpu
Sata Seagate 230gb hd with 32mb front cache
Sata hp dvd 1070i cd/dvd rom
Zephyr 750w power supply
Xclio A380 Twin Engine Case

I’ve done memtest, windows mem test, defragment, disk clean up, registry cleaner, spyware removal, flashed bios, updated all drivers, chkdsk, started at windows xp, went to vista, now I’m at windows 7 64 bit build 7100. It was fine for a little while after the installation, then the blue screens of death (bsod) came back. So I flashed the bios to PO8 for the 780i. It was good for about 24 hours then they came back. I’ve already punched a hole through the metal netting thing on the front fan. Right now my fan isn’t spinning but it will when it wants to. In other words, what should I do before I push this junk out the window?

One Response to “How come I keep getting blue screen errors on my computer?”

    Even though you’ve run memtest, I’d take a further look at the RAM. Try rotating your sticks of RAM through the PC, with just one stick in the machine at a time and see if that makes a difference.

    Some of the 780i’s are very picky with RAM, and you can get the kind of errors you’re running into. Check out this thread for some discussion:

    If the RAM rotating doesn’t do the trick, check the mobo manufacture’s website for a list of approved/tested RAM for your motherboard. Also, get in touch with the support department from your motherboard manufacturer, they might be able to suggest some BIOS tweaks that can help.