Can I take my hard drive out of my Toshiba laptop and put it in my Gateway?

by on July 20, 2009

Q: The mother board fried on my Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 laptop. Can I pull the hard drive out and insert it into my Gateway MA7 laptop to download my music, photos, and documents?

One Response to “Can I take my hard drive out of my Toshiba laptop and put it in my Gateway?”

    As long as your hard drive from your Toshiba was not harmed when the motherboard fried then yes you can move it to your Gateway. The big question I have is if you take your hard drive out of your Gateway and put the one from the Toshiba in then where are you going to move your files to? Do you have a DVD burner or maybe another computer you can copy them onto?

    I ask because you can always get a USB hard drive enclosure for your 2.5 inch drive from your Toshiba and access things that way too. I probably would not trust the 5 dollar ones but it is an option if there is a lot of data and you have no place to transfer it.

    If the hard drive in your Toshiba is old then you probably wont want to rely on the hard drive for anything important but it might help if you have no other way to get the data off of it. You might also find it an option if removing the Gateway hard drive is difficult. On some laptops the drive is very easy to remove but on others they make it very difficult.