How do I figure out what IP address is associated with a certain user in a web app?

by on July 22, 2009

Q: This may be a little beyond the normal framework here, but I’m not on any technical bulletin boards and I couldn’t think of anywhere else to turn. My office runs a service that identifies the IP address of hits on our website.

One of my jobs is to discern a half dozen regular clients who hit us all the time for maintenance and reference from actual business hits.

Here’s my question. We’re in DC. I keep getting one hit that is The hits time pretty well to a customer in San Diego California. I’ve even had the guy there hit our server and that was the closest hit. The thing is that it says Washington DC and they are in San Diego.

My Verizon Wireless card maps to New York, so I know a Verizon service can show another city. But across the whole country? Is that remotely possible? Anybody know enough about FIOS to say?

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    I would have the user in question go to and then he can give you his specific IP address and it should make it easier to match the logs with the user. The domain can really say anything so I would not trust the location built into the domain.


    If this kind of stuff is eating up a lot of your time, you might want to talk to whoever is responsible for for maintaining your site about getting IP data logged for specific users. Assuming any of your existing customers need to login to access services, the IP addresses they use can be potentially logged to the site database.