Where can I find Windows XP 64-bit drivers for my eMachine?

by on July 24, 2009

Q: I have Windows XP 64bit edition and I’ve searched now for like 3 weeks for drivers for my emachines e620 and there’s only two drivers. I’m unable to find a network controller and a sm bus controller. Where can I find compatible drivers?

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    All the 64-bit drivers available for your computer would be on the emachine official website:



    i dont see anything on there for xp 64 bit …


    I count at least 10.

    Look for a 64 in the file name. Many have the 64 bit and 32 bit drivers packaged together.


    Oh wait.. you want to run ‘XP’ 64 bit.

    Sorry, my bad.

    If the drivers aren’t listed on that page they probably don’t exist. You can e-mail support and ask about it.


    If the LAN Network interface is Marvell and indicated in this driver list you might want to try these drivers from Marvell’s website:


    Your primary source for device drivers should always be either the manufacturer of the PC, or the specific component of hardware. Otherwise, you really don’t know what your downloading.


    Can I ask why you want to run 64-bit XP instead of 32-bit?


    well i actually didnt know xp existed in 64 bit i asked my friend to install xp on my laptop and get rid of vista casue its garbage and he said this is a great xp yadayadayada i really actually dont like it at all and i just tryin to make my computer usage more enjoyable then to have to shell out money and get xp 32 bit , im thinkin maybe just wait till windows 7? would that be a better bet im pretty sure emachines would make drivers for that?