Creating templates in OpenOffice that work in Word

by on July 27, 2009

Q: We are using OpenOffice but our templates were all created in Microsoft Office 2003. When I edit the templates in OpenOffice and save them back as MS office files the TOI and other formatting is not working well. Am I missing any feature to use to not let this happen?

A: Older versions of OpenOffice are not very good at saving to Microsoft Office file formats. To figure out which version of OpenOffice you are using you can go to Help => About in OpenOffice. The most recent version, as of this writing, is OpenOffice 3.1 so make sure you are running that version or newer.

If upgrading to the most recent version of OpenOffice does not solve your problem then you should consider saving your template changes to an OpenDocument template. OpenDocument is OpenOffice’s set of default file formats. OpenDocument template file formats include: ott (word processing), ots (spreadsheet), and opt (presentations).

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