How come my netbook is super slow after dropping it?

by on July 28, 2009

Q: My roommate dropped his netbook (one with an actual hard drive, not an SSD) and now it is acting very weird. The netbook boots normally and everything shows up correctly when the computer is started but right after the desktop appears it runs unbelievably slow. You click on the Start menu or an icon and nothing happens for fifteen minutes.

When a window finally does appear, the simple act of even moving it can take a half an hour. Nothing appears physically damaged. After trying to reboot it a few times it sometimes goes into the Blue Screen of Death. At first, I thought it might be the RAM got dislodged, but I checked that and it is in place.

The BSOD says “KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR” and gives a few unhelpful paragraphs. Then a few strings of hex numbers, which I do not know how to make sense of (I’ll send them if they may be relevant). Booting into Safe Mode, most things seem to work fine (just with the exception of it being Safe Mode). When it boots back normally it is ridiculously slow again.

There are no noises, and no outward physical damage to the computer.
Unfortunately, we are currently studying abroad in a country where any help from the manufacturer could take over a month.

The computer is an HP Mini 1000 running Windows XP. I am a CS major (first year), and although an A student, am feeling a little like a failure.

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    Here are Microsoft’s notes on that BSOD error:

    You can see if their suggestion of harddrive repair commands helps at all. Dropping is very bad for computer hard drives, and it might need to be replaced.