Why do I keep getting choose an application pop up?

by on July 28, 2009

Q: How come I keep getting a pop up asking┬áme to choose an application that is asking where itunes is? I removed itunes so I can’t choose an application for it. My laptop is a mac os x ibook g4.

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    Can you please explain what you are doing when you get the popup? Are you trying to open a music file, video file, view something in your browser?

    Also, why did you remove iTunes?


    i was’nt trying to open anything everytime i try to open the internet it just pops up…I took itunes off bc i didnt need and to have more memory…


    Your homepage must have some embeded audio or video. What is the first page your browser loads.


    my homepage is yahoo before and after itunes


    Then your yahoo page must have a video or an audio file that is associated with itunes. It is rather weird though because everything should play via quicktime. Did you uninstall quicktime too?


    i have always had quicktime on…Do you have any ideas how to get that pop up off.and stop the crashing..


    It sounds like the easy way to fix it is to reinstall iTunes.

    The other option would be to select another application to process the file that needs to be processed. I am not sure exactly what the file is or the file extension though. Does the popup tell you what the name of the file is or what file type it is trying to process?


    I can’t reinstall it becaause it won’t let me online.it just says where is itunes.app….everytime i try to go online it just pops up..


    What exactly does the popup say and what web browser are you using?


    it says choose application and where is itunes app?I am using firefox 3.5.1


    I think your best bet is to use Safari to download iTunes. Then once you have itunes installed launch FireFox. From the menu bar select FireFox -> Preferences and a popup will show up for you. From here you need to select Applications. You should be able to search though the list and figure out what is associated with iTunes and change it to something else. Then from there you can uninstall iTunes again.

    It is rather odd though because I looked at my PowerBook and my iMac and neither one have anything associated with iTunes under Applications. So I am no sure if I did something different than normal or if you some how associated something with iTunes in FireFox.


    how do I get safari on my mac i deleted that off a while ago…


    You broke the #2 rule, always have two web browsers on your computer.

    I have a feeling you probably broke the #1 rule too, which is always have two user accounts. When you buy a computer you should setup two accounts right off the bat. One you only use in an emergency like this and the other one would be the normal account you always have. If you have a 2nd account then you can just log into that account and download the software you need.

    If the popup lets you browse and select an application to use then try finding QuickTime. If it does not let you browse then you will need to download Safari on another computer and then burn it to a CD/DVD and install it that way. If that is not an option then you will just have to reinstall Mac OS X.


    I know my brother accidently jammed a cd in my cd drive i might just have to buy a flashdrive right…


    If you have another computer on your network then you can download the program on another computer and then transfer the file over. You can also find the url of the file and use and ftp client to download it if you have one installed.


    I will try it thanks i will hit u back up…