pdwebwmi is part of Perfect Disk Live

by on July 29, 2009

Q: I am going through my services using the system configuration utilities and saw pdwebwmi. Is this something I need to have running or can I stop it?

A: The pdwebwmi program is part of Perfect Disk Live, which is a disk defrag program. The program is something someone most likely paid for but is possibly a free trial. The program runs all the time to, as they say, “Defrag your hard drive – the smart way, Remove duplicate files, increase disk space, Protect your privacy, and Repair your registry with confidence.”

Programs like this that always run will slow down your computer slightly but the idea is that they speed it up enough to make up the difference. So if you are not the one that installed it then you probably want to find out who did and if they want to keep it on there. If you are the one that installed it then you need to figure out if it is doing what you want it to do and if it is helping you enough such that you want to keep it.

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