How come I cannot get a wireless card to work in my Dell computer?

by on July 30, 2009

Q: I originally had a Intel wireless card in my Dell D610 but it stopped working and the computer didn’t recognize it. So I pulled a Askey ar5bmb5 wireless card out of a Toshiba L25-S1194 and put it in my Dell . The computer doesn’t recognize the new card and it doesn’t show up in the device manager.

Before I installed the drivers the device manager had “Unknown Device: Ethernet Controller”. When I installed the drivers that message disappeared but cannot find the card anywhere. The wifi light comes on but it doesn’t work.

Can there be a problem with the drivers? if so can you help me find them? I’ve looked but all I found was on the Toshiba site. Could it be the connector because it had a problem with the old wireless card?

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    > The wifi light comes on but it doesn’t work.

    Are any wireless devices listed in the Network Connections section of the Windows Control Panel?

    The problem could easily be a software issue, or a hardware compatibility issue. Since you’re still having the same problem you were with the old intel wireless card, the issue might be with your widows installation. Or, the old wireless card might have died but the new one might not be easily compatible with the laptop.

    You might want to try a disk bootable linux based OS like, as a quick test or a fresh Windows install to see if that helps out.

    It all comes down to process of elimination, the trick is to figure what you can actually eliminate as a problem. Some other things to keep in mind and try to check off the list:

    – Is your wireless router setup correctly (can other devices connect to it)
    – does the laptop work via wired connection


    I don’t see any wireless devices in the device manager. It does work with wired connection. The router is setup correctly because all my other computers are wireless. I forgot to write down that I did put the old intel card in my daughter’s computer and it works great. So I’m not sure if the connector is bad.


    If the card works just fine in another PC, I’m going to guess that there is a software issue somewhere.

    I’d suggest swapping the intel wifi card back in, and try booting up with a knoppix dvd since that will leave your harddrive alone, and/or try the fresh windows install to clear up whatever software issue you’re running into.