The two types of system restore

by on August 14, 2009

Q: I downloaded registry mechanic and was trying to save used space. At the same time there was a windows update going on and it would say stage 3 of 3 and continue to restart but wouldn’t finish update afterwards. I had to system restore and now I can’t access my downloads from when when I downloaded registry mechanic. What can I do to get access to registry mechanic again?

A: There are two system restores. One is built into Windows XP that takes snapshots of the system before installing drivers, applications, and other things that might mess up Windows. The other is when you restore your system back to the factory default with the restore disk that comes with your computer.

If you did a Windows XP system restore then your downloads, pictures, emails, and other files should not have been touched. The fact that the download is now gone means you probably did the restore that sets you back to the factory defaults and that all your files are gone. If that is the case then you will  need to download the file again.

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