Moving favorites from your old PC

by on August 17, 2009

Q: I copied my IE favorites folder before restoring my PC. Now when I copy the links back to Favorites on the restored PC, the links don’t work. Is there a way to make these work even though I did not do the Export properly?

A: Generally speaking, there are two ways to restore favorites in Internet Explorer.

1. If you used File => Import and Export to backup your favorites, use the same command to restore your favorites. All of your favorites would have been saved as a single .htm file.

2. If you manually copied your Favorites folder, turn off Internet Explorer. Now open a window with your old favorites folder and another with your computer’s current Favorites folder. In Windows XP, your current Favorites folder will probably be located in C:\Documents and Settings\Your_Username\Favorites. In Windows Vista, your current Favorites folder should be located in your main user folder. Lastly, drag your favorites from the old folder to the current folder, and accept any requests to “overwrite” files/folders. Restart your computer and turn Internet Explorer on. Your favorites should now be restored to Internet Explorer. If you move your bookmarks this way and for some reason IE does not take it then some of ourĀ users have expressed that if you then uninstalling and reinstalling IE this will make the favorites work.

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