How do I get my Samsung sgh-a437 to connect to my Mac using Bluetooth?

by on September 5, 2009

Q: I have a Samsung sgh-a437. I am trying to put ring tones on it using Bluetooth on my Macintosh. It says you have to be discoverable to do it but on the Samsung I can’t do it. is their a way to make it discoverable so my mac can find it or do I have to make the phone find the Mac?

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    What should happen is when your cell phone should automatically become discoverable when you turn on Bluetooth. So you should tell the Mac to start looking and then you should turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone and then your Mac should be able to find it. Normally a device is discoverable for 60 seconds once Bluetooth is turned on.


    i still says it can’t find it
    can the phone find the mac?


    You can certainly give it a shot. Make the Mac discoverable and then have the cell phone try to find it.


    i still can’t find it


    Can’t find what?

    I am reading the manual for your phone and it says that it only supports Handset and Handsfree. Since your Mac cannot find the cell phone by adding it the normal way maybe your cell phone does not support connecting to a computer via Bluetooth. You might have to connect it to your computer using USB.


    ill try it
    thank you