How come my computers on the network cannot load the same web page at same time?

by on September 13, 2009

Q: I have multiple computers on my network running Windows XP that cannot load web pages tat the same time. The network has always worked fine but in the last few months web pages will not load on two computers at the same time.

Sometimes if you wait a few minutes the computer that wouldn’t load will load and other times you have to close the page on one computer and wait a few minutes before it will open on the computer that wouldn’t open it. I have checked normal stuff like the IP addresses, etc, to make sure they were not trying to share the same number but everything seems to be fine.

My iPhone will not load a page if a home computer is on the network but if I turn the wireless off on the phone the page will open up no problem.

Thanks much for any help anyone has to offer. This is a new one for me.

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    My first guess would have been IP addresses but since you already checked that then I would suggest looking at the router and seeing if it actually sees the different computers. Normally there is a status page that shows all computers that are connected. It might not be registering all the computers connected at once. It might even be worth trying another router if you have one around or if you can borrow one from a friend.


    When I log into my router it see’s all the separate computers. Right now it shows the two home computers and my iphone and each has a separate ip address. I have even rebooted the router and its still the same. I don’t have another router to try, but the problem started well after this router was installed. Even stranger is sometimes certain websites will load at the same time, while others will not.


    This really sounds like a router problem to me. Check and see if the router manufacturer has any firmware upgrades for your router and consider installing those.

    Additionally, you might want to try a complete reset of your router (should be a reset button on the back). That should get rid of any strange settings that might have been added somewhere along the line.

    Good Luck!