Can I access my Ubunto server via FTP?

by on October 6, 2009

Q: I have set up my Ubunto server and I installed Apache 2 on it. My web server is working fine. My question is how can I access index.html from outside? I am not going to edit the file using nano or vim! Is there a way to access that from outside, like FTP?

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    If you enabled FTP or SSH then you can connect to the server via ftp or sftp. You would then just have to change to wherever your root directory is for the web server and transfer the files from there to your other machine. You can then edit it and then transfer the file back.


    By ‘outside’ I’m going to guess that you mean this ubunto server is at your house, and you would like to connect to this server from somewhere else on Earth outside of your home network.

    If this is the way you have things setup, only your home network router is visible to the outside world, and not your server. You’ll need to setup something called portforwarding. You’ll find directions for how to do this here:

    What this will do is instruct your router to always send any outside FTP requests that come to it from the internet to your Ubuntu server. Just keep in mind that having your FTP server sitting out in the open like that can be risky. So make sure you’re satisfied with your FTP server setup first.


    Thank you guys , when you say enable ftp , DOES that mean install ftp server on my machine ?
    like one of these ones :
    proftpd – Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon

    => vsftpd – The Very Secure FTP Daemon

    => ftpd – FTP server

    => wu-ftpd – powerful and widely used FTP server

    => wzdftpd – A portable, modular, small and efficient ftp server

    => pure-ftpd – Pure-FTPd FTP server



    WELL well i installed VSftpd , i can log into my files usinf ftp client , but when i log in using normal user (user) I have no files there just “/”
    and i understand why , it is because it is not the root directoty.
    can i log in using root as username ? and the password i have ? i tried it , i could not connect.


    You’ll need to adjust the configuration file:


    Thank you guys , it is working like a charm.

    Now , I installed Mysql + PHP and i can see my testphp.php file on the webserver.

    now can i see a GUI for mysql server ? internal or external i dont care , i just wanna see the GUI 🙂


    I would suggest using phpMyAdmin. It would install in apache for you, as simple as making a phpMyAdmin dir and copying it over, then setting a few variables in the config.


    Cool , working 🙂 how can i change the default password ?


    From your command line you would do

    mysqladmin -u root password yourrootsqlpassword