Disable FireFox siteSpecific zoom

by on October 6, 2009

Q: How can I set my zoom & keep it from changing on it’s own?

A: In FireFox there is a domain level memory for the zoom of the browser. In previous versions of FireFox if you accidentally zoomed in on a page like askageek.com you could just close your browser and then open it up again and you would be at the regular zoom level. In the latest versions of FireFox, the browser actually remembers what zoom level you last had on a specific site so closing your browser will no longer fix the problem.

So you will either have to zoom in (CTRL and +) or zoom out (CTRL and -) until the page is at the right size and then from then on it will stay that way. The better alternative is to actually turn this feature off. You can turn this feature off by typing “about:config” in the Location bar (where you would normally see the website addresses). You will then need to search for “browser.zoom.siteSpecific”, you can just search for “siteSpecific” and it should show you just “browser.zoom.siteSpecific”.

From here you will want to double click on it and it should change the value from “true” to “false”. This will make it so your browser will act like the previous FireFox browsers and it will not remember the zoom level on specific websites. This can be very useful for people who accidentally change the zoom level on sites and have no idea how they did it or how to undo it.

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