How do I make my documents open in Word 2003 instead of Word 2007?

by on October 7, 2009

Q: I recently put MS Office 2007 on my computer alongside Office 2003. Now, every time I start Word 2007, it goes through the configuration process. What should I do to get Word 2007 to pop up like it should. I have already gone to Control Panel and ran repair but to no avail.

Also, when I try to open one of my Word 2003 documents, Word 2007 opens it. I like 2003. How can I make Word 2003 my default processor or at least be able to open my docs with it?

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    Try right clicking on a word document and then ‘open with’> Choose program…

    You should be able to select word 2003 from the list.

    Can I ask why you have both installed? If it’s so you can read Office 2007 files, you can uninstall Office 2007 and just install this compatibility pack from Microsoft:


      My sister bought 2007 Home and Office, which is for non-commercial use only. I have already typed a 358 page book in Word 2003 and must keep it because the Home and Office version cannot be uploaded to my publisher.

      I put 2007 on the computer ( a small Compaq SR1503 WM) but now it always wants to configure each time I use it. Should I run the 2007 disc again to fix it? Will I lose another of my three licenses, or will my computer be recognized?


    Take a look at this post for some more details on how to set these up nicely:

    You shouldn’t have any license issues at all since it’s all the same PC. In the unlikely event that you do run into any problems you should be able to get the license reset by Microsoft anyway.