How do I remove CyberDefender registry cleaner?

by on October 7, 2009

Q: How can I remove CyberDefender registry cleaner?

One Response to “How do I remove CyberDefender registry cleaner?”

    First just do the obvious — use the Add/Remove Programs function. Go to the green [Start] button down in the lower left of your screen, then to [Control Panel], then to [Add/Remove Programs.] You can remove it from there. Make sure you’ve got it turned off before you remove it though, as in, so it’s not actively running, because you won’t be able to take any program off your computer while it’s still running. If you get that three options menu, just pick whichever one it takes to get past it.

    Or if that doesn’t work for you, you can remove most Windows-compatible programs by going to the Search function and find all its components (probably by doing a search on “Registry Cleaner”) and sending them all to the Recycle Bin. Then delete everything. No matter which method you use to take it off, remember to restart your computer so the changes you made go into effect.

    Both of the above methods have worked for me, and I’ve used CDRegCleaner on a couple of different computers.