Laptop battery life

by on October 8, 2009

Q: How do I figure out which laptop has the longest battery life?

A: Battery life is one of the most important selling points for new laptops.  There are currently no special buzz words that the laptop marketing geniuses use so you will have to look at the system specs and then do a little research to figure out which laptop has the best battery life.

The first thing you should look for is the manufacturer’s claimed max battery life. You can safely compare the battery life numbers between models that are created by the same manufacturer but when you start to compare numbers from one manufacturer to another then things will get a little tricky.

So what you should do is find a few laptops that meet your battery life requirements, based on the manufacturer’s claims, and then you should visit or and search for reviews to see what people are saying about the models you are interested in. The estimated battery life of a laptop battery is very much like everything else that is estimated (gas mileage of a car and pages you can print with an ink cartridge for example), your actual usage will make the number vary so the reviews should give you a better idea of what you should expect from real world usage.

As of this writing some laptops that claim the best battery life are the Dell Latitude E Series which claims a max battery life of 19 hours and the Lenovo X200s series which claims around 12 hours.

By reading the reviews you should be able to figure out which models actually live up to the claims of the manufacture and this will help you narrow the choices down to a few. From there you will have to figure out what else is important to you. For some people it is the weight, others might be the screen, and yet other s how the keyboard feels.

Remember you can always tweak your battery life by turning off services you are not using like Bluetooth and WiFi. You can also increase your battery life by lowering the brightness of the screen as well.

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