How come my icons and taskbar disappear?

by on October 9, 2009

Q: I have a computer with Windows vista and when I turned on my computer the desktop icons and taskbar came up as usual. However, after about 30 seconds the desktop items and the taskbar disappear. They came back after a couple of seconds and then went away again. This continued for a few minutes until the desktop icons and the taskbar were just gone for good. Can you help me?

One Response to “How come my icons and taskbar disappear?”

    You should be able to find some help via our answer Desktop Icons And Taskbar Disappear but I must warn you that the reason it happens seems to be different for everyone so you might have to try a few different solutions before you find the one that works for you.

    In worse case you might be one of those people who just has to do a full reinstall of the operating system to get things fixed but I certainly hope some of the easier solutions work for you.