How do I scan really old film onto a computer?

by on October 9, 2009

Q: I have this really old film that doesn’t have sound. Is their any product or information on how to scan that to my computer? I’ve seen it on a computer before but never done.

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    By old film do you mean the kind that went reel to reel on the projector or do you mean film in a camera for taking still pictures?


    like motion pictures with no sound.


    You would have to have a device that has a line out that you could connect to your computer to be able to convert it yourself. I am still kind of confused as to if you are using reel to reel or something else but whatever it is you need a device with a line out so you can connect it to your computer and then you can burn it to DVD.

    If you do not have a device that can play the video and has a line out then you will need to bring it to a camera shop that can do the conversion for you.


    Do you know any suggestions
    that would be good as to buying a device?